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Billy Squier

  • 🇺🇸 Wellesley, MA
  • Years Active
    1968 - Now
Arena rocker Billy Squier achieved significant success in the early 1980s with his powerful, Robert Plant-like vocals, power pop-inspired hooks and energetic performances.

Squier began his musical journey as a drummer, but he soon transitioned to guitar and vocals. He played in various bands in and around Boston before fronting Piper, which issued a pair of LPs on A&M Records. Squier then signed to Capitol as a solo act, releasing The Tale of the Tape in 1979; its lead single, "The Big Beat," has been sampled on untold numbers of hip-hop records in the decades since.

Squier's breakout moment came in 1981 with the release of his album Don't Say No, whose hit singles "The Stroke" and "In the Dark" catapulted him into the mainstream rock scene. Emotions in Motion, released in 1982, further solidified his popularity, spawning hits like "Everybody Wants You" and "Learn How to Live." However, "Rock Me Tonite," the lead single from 1984's Signs of Life, was dogged by a controversial music video that some felt did not align with Squier's rock image, leading to a sharp decline in his popularity. His momentum never recovered, although he continued writing and performing for years to follow.

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