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Don Brewer

  • Born
    September 3, 1948
    🇺🇸 Flint, MI
Donald George Brewer is an American drummer, singer-songwriter and the longest continuous remaining original member of American rock band Grand Funk Railroad.

In 1973, Grand Funk released the album We're an American Band, featuring the hit song "We're an American Band". This track, written and sung by Brewer, was the band's first #1 single. Still popular, the song has since been recorded by other artists. In addition to playing drums for Grand Funk, Brewer also provided lead vocals for a number of songs, including the first and third verses of "Some Kind of Wonderful" (1974). Brewer was the baritone lead singer for the group, in contrast to the tenor vocals of Mark Farner. In 1974, the label Qualico released the album "Monumental Funk", recorded by Mark Farner and Brewer.

Brewer played the bongo on Frank Zappa's song "Let Me Take You to the Beach" from the album Studio Tan, released in 1978. Brewer was featured in Classic Rock Drum Solos DVD (2007), performing a solo from when he and Grand Funk Railroad sold out Shea Stadium in 1971. In 2000, Brewer performed as a guest clinician at Modern Drummer Magazine's annual Drum Festival event. In 2006, Brewer rejoined Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band for their 2006–07 tour; it was his first appearance with the band since he played for them on their 1983 tour. He also played with them on their 2011 tour and during Seger's 2014-2015 Ride Out U.S. concert tour.

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  • Musician
  • Composer

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