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Grand Funk Railroad
We're an American Band

"We're an American Band" is rock'n'roll in its purest, uncut form. Big, loud and unapologetically primal, with the style and sophistication of a club-wielding caveman bludgeoning a sabertooth tiger, Grand Funk Railroad's first Number One single is an unabashed love letter to rock music as both lifestyle and lifeforce, a lurid yet lucid celebration of stardom in all its bacchanalian glory.

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Track Facts

Official Stems from original multitrack analog tapes

Grand Funk Railroad filmed a music video to promote "We're an American Band," complete with performance clips as well as footage of the band playing basketball and riding dirtbikes.

"Sweet Connie" Hamzy, the legendary groupie namechecked in "We're an American Band," is also cited in the lyrics of the Guess Who's "Pleasin' for Reason" (from their 1974 album Road Food) as well as the title track of Cheap Trick's 1985 LP Standing on the Edge.

In "Homerpalooza," episode 24 of the seventh season of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson proclaims Grand Funk Railroad his favorite band of all time.
From original liner notes:

Todd Rundgren – producer, engineer
Francesco Damanti – engineer
Seth Snyder – assistant engineer
Lynn Goldsmith & Andrew Cavaliere – album design and concept
Lynn Goldsmith – photography
John Hoernle – art direction
Andrew Cavaliere – management

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